Sphygmo™ is a cutting-edge technology that lets patients monitor their vital signs from the comfort of their own homes – blood pressure, glucose, weight, oxygen saturation, respiratory rate, and temperature – while also allowing healthcare providers to manage their patients’ health remotely.

Thanks to our partnership with mmHg Inc., AllianceChicago is expanding access to this innovative technology and improving healthcare outcomes for Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) patients across the country.


Sphygmo includes the following key features:

  • Supports users in following best practice
  • Simple & efficient user interface
  • Sustainably priced
  • Smartphone app and web-based clinician and care team member portal
  • Multilingual capability (English, Spanish, French, Chinese)
  • Compatible with over 50 Bluetooth enabled devices
  • Enables evidence based care
  • Comprehensive patient panel and practice analytics
    Patient information & infographics to support accurate data collection
  • Instantaneously summarize blood pressure and/or glucose data
  • Exchange secure messages with patients
  • Integrates with EHRs

We provide guidance and coaching for implementation of SMBP programs.

Data Security

Data Security

This platform is designed to optimize patient management while following best practice and maximizing revenue. The highest data security standards are followed, and the system is HIPAA and PIPEDA compliant.

Swipe Averaging™

Our patent-pending Swipe Averaging™ feature allows you to instantaneously summarize blood pressure and/or glucose data over any time period during which measurements were performed, simply by swiping with your finger or cursor.  Swipe Averaging™ is available both on the clinician web app and in the patient app.

Swipe Average

Cloud-based Telemonitoring with Secure Messaging

Sphygmo is a cloud based remote monitoring system that allows healthcare providers to quickly identify patients that require intervention based on remote data transmission. Healthcare providers and/or researchers simply share their individual Sphygmo Link Codes with patients and have them enter it in their companion patient app, Sphygmo.

After the link code is entered healthcare providers can review patient data in real time using the Sphygmo clinician web app.

Healthcare providers at their control and discretion can exchange secure messages with their patients through the Sphygmo platform, increasing patient management efficiency.

Sphygmo Companion Patient App

The patient app, Sphygmo, is FREE and available on both iOS and Android. Designed to be simple and accessible for all patients.

Mobile App

Which Bluetooth Devices Are Compatible with Sphygmo?

Blood Pressure Monitors

A&D Medical

  • A&D Medical Premium Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor UA-651BLE
  • A&D Medical Premium Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor UA-1200BLE
  • A&D Medical Premium Wireless Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor UB-1100BLE
  • A&D Medical Premium Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor UA-651BLE-V


  • BIOS Protocol 7D MII (BD245)
  • BIOS Protocol 7D MII (BD250)
  • BIOS Protocol 7D MII (BD252)
  • BIOS Protocol 7D MII SDM (BD353)
  • BPM Compact BD323
  • BPM Compact SDM BD354


  • Equate UA-8500BLEWM
  • Equate UA-6000BLEWM
  • Equate UB-6500BLEWM


  • Omron 7 Series BP761 HEM-7320T_TI-Z
  • Omron 7 Series (Canada) BP761CAN HEM-7320T_TI-CA
  • Omron 7 Series BP761N HEM-7320T-ZV
  • Omron 7 Series (Canada) BP761CANN HEM-7320T-CA
  • Omron 10 Series BP786 HEM-7321T_TI-Z
  • Omron 10 Series (Canada) BP786CAN HEM-7321T_TI-CA
  • Omron 10 Series BP786N HEM-7321T-ZV
  • Omron 10 Series (Canada) BP786CANN HEM-7321T-CA
  • Omron Blood Pressure Monitor BP769CAN HEM-7320T-CACS
  • Omron EVOLV BP7000 HEM-7600T-Z
  • Omron Silver BP5250 HEM-7151T-Z
  • Omron Gold BP5350 HEM-7341T-Z
  • Omron Platinum BP5450 HEM-7340T-Z
  • Omron 5 Series Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor BP7250 HEM-7150T-Z
  • Omron 7 Series Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor BP7350 HEM-7340T-Z
  • Omron 10 Series Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor BP7450 HEM-7342T-Z
  • Omron 10 Series Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor (Canada) BP7450CAN HEM-7342T-CA
  • Omron Complete Blood Pressure Monitor BP7900 HEM-7530T-Z
  • Omron Wrist BP653 HEM-6321T-Z
  • Omron Wrist BP654 HEM-6320T-Z
  • Omron Gold Wrist BP4350 HEM-6232T-Z
  • Omron 7 Series Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor BP6350 HEM-6231T-Z
  • Omron HEM9200T
  • Omron HEM9210T


  •  MicroLife BP3GY1-2N

Welch Allyn

  • Welch Allyn HBP100SBP – 1700 Series

Weight Scales

 A&D Medical

  • A&D Medical Wireless Weight Scale UC-350BLE
  • A&D Medical Premium Wireless Weight Scale UC-352BLE
  • A&D Medical Premium Wireless Weight Scale UC-352BLE-V



  • Roche Accu-Chek Guide Model 930


  • True Metrix Air 

Bionime / GE

  • GT-333

Pulse Oximeters


  • CMS50D-BT


  • 3230

A&D Medical

  • UP200BLE


Cura Connect

  • Cura IT-909

Pediatric Devices


  • Pediatric Blood Pressure Monitor 08A-BT


  • Pediatric Weight Scale BY90

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