We provide the expertise, clinical insights, and tailored technologies needed to support, expand and transform health care delivery.

Our services aim to improve health outcomes, expand access, lower costs and keep improving the care experience for both consumers and providers.

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With its network-enabled software and services, athenahealth is helping AllianceChicago deliver high-quality, personalized care access to Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs).

Care Delivery Transformation

We are improving healthy equity by finding new ways to reduce costs, improve quality of care and optimize the patient experience.

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Data & Analytics

By understanding and leveraging data and analytics information, we are helping organizations respond to change, uncertainty and opportunities.

Health Information Technology

The technology and systems that form the foundation of Health Information Technology (HIT) are critical to the delivery and advancement of healthcare.

Health IT

Research & Evaluation

Genuine and continual community engagement is fundamental to our mission of advancing health equity and removing barriers to community well-being.

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