ACRES Analytics

ACRES Analytics is a cloud-based, EHR agnostic data platform with a community health center data model and includes a variety of analytic application to support multiple needs.
Pop Analyzer - ACRES Analytics Datasheet

It synthesizes data from multiple EHRs into one source feeding a suite of tools. AllianceChicago customizes these tools for user-friendly data and analytics specific to federally qualified health centers’ requirements.

The suite of tools is accessible from the ACRES Analytics Landing Page – Alliance for Community Research Engagement & Support. 

AllianceChicago brings you the most powerful data tools for performance measuring, quality improvement, and research. The platform currently represents data from over 8 million unique patients from communities across the nation. Communities represented include urban and rural populations, low‐income and uninsured individuals, racial and ethnic minorities, the LGBTQ community, and refugee and homeless populations.

Pop Insights - ACRES Analytics Datasheet

The Suite
The tools available on ACRES are:

  • Pop Analyzer™
  • Pop Insights™
  • Value Set Builder

Benefits and Features

  • Unleash the analytic use of data throughout your organization. Democratize and govern access to your data assets throughout your organization and reduce stakeholder dependence on expensive, hard-to-find SQL experts.
  • Give decision makers the power to serve themselves when they need answers. Low-cost and highly scalable, the application serves data to the masses in a customizable and secure fashion (aggregated views contain no PHI) at regular periods or on demand.
  • Visualize complete performance metrics (including benchmarks, star ratings, and scoring systems). Dashboard visualizations with real-time tracking and monitoring identify high-priority opportunities across providers, locations, and the entire enterprise.
  • Reference a library of code sets using Value Set Builder. Health centers can share code sets for you to use, saving staff time.

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