We are a catalyst for innovation, with expertise across a broad array of disciplines. We give health organizations, patients, and communities vitally-important access to the latest healthcare information technology breakthroughs.​
UDS Measures

ACRES Analytics

This powerful, data-driven tool allows organizations to easily identify and research the most crucial factors for safer, higher quality, patient-centric care.


athenaOne® is a cloud-based solution that eliminates the need for expensive hardware and IT infrastructure. Medical professionals can count on it to access patient data and collaborate across multiple devices and locations, optimizing care delivery and significantly improving efficiency.



Today, physicians and their support staff can devote more time to treating patients instead of tracking down their records, thanks to athenaPractice™ – a proven, fully-integrated electronic health record and practice management solution.


Sphygmo is a cutting-edge technology that lets patients monitor their vital signs from the comfort of their own homes – blood pressure, glucose, weight, oxygen saturation, respiratory rate, and temperature – while also allowing healthcare providers to manage their patients’ health remotely.


Tech Partners

By partnering with leading technology innovators, we are enabling health centers to improve operational efficiency, decision-making, and patient outcomes.

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