Research & Evaluation

Community-based research and evaluation are essential tools in the fight to improve health equity.

At AllianceChicago, we work closely with patients, providers, and health systems to generate new insights and address gaps in evidence. For example, we share a robust Health Information Technology infrastructure with many of our community health center partners – helping facilitate the design of interventions, evaluation of outcomes and description of populations. Working in collaboration with community health center network stakeholders, we have developed specific research priorities: behavioral and mental health, chronic disease management, health equity, health information technology and social determinants of health.

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Research & Evaluation Services include:

  • Design and testing of new ideas

  • Dissemination – peer reviewed publication, presentations, policy briefs and reports

  • Funding procurement and stakeholder engagement

  • Gap analysis – evidence and practice

  • Human-centered design consultation

  • Research and evaluation capacity building and training

  • Research design, implementation and evaluation

  • Program evaluation – quantitative and qualitative

Why choose us as your next evaluation partner?

  • Identification of Funding
  • Grant Writing, Budgeting, Curation of Proposal Components
  • Partner/Community Engagement
  • Evaluation Question Development
  • PSDA/QI (Plan-Do-Study-Act/Quality Improvement)
  • Survey Development and Implementation
  • EHR Secondary Data Analysis
  • Population Health Data Dashboard Development
  • SWOT Analyses  (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats)
  • Focus Group and 1:1 Interview Development and Implementation
  • Driver Analyses
  • SROI (Social Return on Investment)
  • Logic Model
  • Qualitative Analyses
  • Quantitative Analyses
  • Implementation/Dissemination Science
  • Report Development
  • Presentation of Results
  • Chicago Collaborative for Maternal Health (CCMH)
  • HPCA – Research Infrastructure Capacity Building Project
  • HRSA Optimizing Virtual Care (OVC)
  • Access Community Health Network (ACCESS)
  • Departments of Health (state and local)
  • Erie Family Health Centers
  • Family Christian Health Center
  • Hawaii Primary Care Association (HPCA) 
  • Institute for Family Health
  • Near North Health
  • PCC Wellness
  • Tapestry360 Health

Our team members possess a remarkable array of academic qualifications and expertise that are ideally suited to tackle multifaceted research challenges. With a collective of PhDs and DrPHs, we offer a profound knowledge base in epidemiology, public health, and population health, ensuring that our research is rigorously informed by the latest academic insights. 

Our MSW and MPH/MA experts bring a specialized focus on program management, partner/stakeholder engagement and a systems perspective that is indispensable in addressing complex public health issues. Our team benefits from the clinical expertise of PA/RN/MD professionals, enabling us to navigate the intricacies of clinical subjects and implementation strategies effectively. 

Our Recruitment & Retention Specialist with a BS in Psychology contributes valuable insights into program operations, while our proficiency in grant and budget management ensures that research endeavors are well-funded and efficiently executed. Overall, our team is uniquely equipped to offer comprehensive support across all aspects of research, delivering results that are both rigorous and impactful.

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