Message to Health Centers from our CEO

These have been unprecedented and trying times, and it is inspiring to witness how we have all risen to the challenge. Our weekly webinars are the perfect illustration of how we have all rapidly grown. The ability to share our experiences and learn from each other has provided a powerful and unified response to the pandemic.

From this experience, we are working with our partners to create more shared work and learning opportunities to facilitate efforts for virtual care, create informatics tools, and use data to advance insights. We are especially excited about our growing partnership with Health Choice Network. After co-facilitating a successful webinar series, we are now working on exciting projects around telehealth, data analytics and the joint annual conference announced below. We will be sharing more details over the coming months.

The experience over the past two months has highlighted for us both the opportunity and the importance for networks like AllianceChicago and Health Choice Network to act as a system. We have been tracking analytics on data we have around shifts in care delivery as well as testing and clinical observations.

These two views show details about tested cases including geographic locations. They illustrate how Health Centers working together can play a vital role to fill gaps in our public health infrastructure.
We look forward to continuing to find ways not only to support you at the individual Health Center level, but also advance Health Centers’ potential by working strategically together.

The AllianceChicago team has done all this COVID related work, while continuing to focus on our core ongoing activities and planning for future development. As we all begin to transition from emergency response to more routine work, we also look forward to reengaging on the core work, and how it might be adjusted in the light of the COVID learning.

Thanks for what you do, and our work together.

Fred D. Rachman, MD, CEO