Message from our CEO


I hope this message finds you safe and able to share comfort as we all process the events of the past week. I and our entire team appreciate and share some of the grief, shock, anger and mix of other reactions you may be having in your personal ways. 

The eruption of violence and destruction, while profoundly sad and disturbing, is ultimately a response to the structural and individual racism impacting Black Americans for generations. While not condoning the violence we must look beneath it, and to the call for the peaceful protests from which it sprang.

The deaths of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and George Floyd are but tips of the iceberg, dramatic and highly publicized examples of underlying social injustices and inequities. We at AllianceChicago witness these injustices every day in our work dealing with health disparities. While we speak of social determinants like hunger and homelessness, we must also be conscious of racism, classism and structural violence as root determinants in themselves.

Congruent with our very mission, we feel the commitment to redouble our efforts to lend public witness to this injustice and its impact through our health disparities work in informatics, data analytics and research.  

Please let me and our team know at any time if there is anything we can do to support you, or any actions you suggest for us as a group. We are in this together.   

Fred D. Rachman, MD, CEO­