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Are you interested in being part of an innovative, collaborative team working together to improve the health of vulnerable populations? AllianceChicago is looking for highly motivated, energetic individuals with skills and experience in health information technology, health research and quality improvement. If you are passionate about transforming community health care, join our team!

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You could make a real difference in the lives of those facing many challenges and barriers to care—from lack of insurance to low income to homelessness. A wide range of volunteer opportunities are available at sites in Chicago and throughout the country.


If you would like to donate your time and talent as a volunteer, please email us at:




AllianceChicago welcomes interns who want to gain valuable experience while contributing to community health. Recognizing the importance of health information technology, AllianceChicago supports a range of internship opportunities in all areas of focus—from clinical informatics and data analytics to health research and collaborative projects.


To inquire about internship opportunities, please email us at: