Health Research & Education’s Recent Presentations and Publications


American Public Health Association

AllianceChicago, in partnership with numerous CHC and academic partners, presented at the 2018 American Public Health Association conference, titled “Creating the Healthiest Nation: Health Equity Now.”  Presentations included 1) a poster titled, “Prevalence of Elevated Body Mass (BMI) Index in Youth Receiving Primary Care at Community Health Centers (CHCs),” describing the prevalence of overweight and obese youth at CHCs based on age, sex, and race/ethnicity and 2) a talk on epidemiological methods in health equity research based on work from the Hepatitis C project titled “Examination of the Hepatitis C care Cascade and its Impact on Data Reporting and Health Equity.”

Third Coast Center for AIDS Research (TC-CFAR) 2018 Symposium

AllianceChicago, Howard Brown Health, and Northwestern University participated in a poster presentation on HIV and the diabetes care cascade titled, “Clinical Informatics Methods to Characterize Dual Care Continuum Outcomes of Patients Living with HIV and Diabetes,” at the 2018 TC-CFAR Symposium hosted at Northwestern University in Chicago, IL. The efforts completed to support the presentation were funded by a current TC-CFAR seed grant.

Manuscript Publication

AllianceChicago will be one of the featured authors, along with the Public Health Informatics Institute and CDC, on a manuscript titled, “Leveraging Informatics to Identify Reportable Cases: Pilot Findings on Electronic Case Reporting of Chlamydia and Gonorrhea.” The manuscript is based on gonorrhea and chlamydia electronic case reporting and will be published in the Journal of Public Health Management and Practice. A publication date and link to the manuscript will be provided soon!