VNA Foundation Offers Critical Early Funding to Reduce Maternal Morbidity and Mortality in Chicago


After months of meeting with issue experts and convening peer funders to bring attention to Chicago’s unacceptable poor maternal health outcomes, VNA Foundation has awarded core funding to reduce maternal morbidity and mortality and support the health of women in Chicago.

The grant, an $85,000 award to AllianceChicago to provide key launch funding for the Chicago Collaborative for Maternal Health, represents VNA Foundation’s strong commitment to women and families and its interest in encouraging other Chicago funders to share in this commitment. 

“We were proud to provide advocacy within Chicago’s health funding community, and thrilled to award funding to this innovative community program that will bring together providers, women and their families, and policymakers to help prevent the heartbreaking loss of a mother after childbirth,” said VNA Foundation’s Executive Director Rob DiLeonardi.  “VNA hopes that our grant will help bring additional resources to the table and, together with our partners like AllianceChicago, significantly improve the health and well-being of women in the Chicago area.”