Message From Our CEO

Fred D. Rachman, MD, CEO

We know all community health centers are working overtime to respond to the COVID-19 emergency as it evolves, and struggling to balance routine operations and patient needs with a constantly changing set of COVID-19 related needs.

We are committed to supporting you in ways that do not distract you, but preserve and enhance your efforts and resources. Our first effort has been to rapidly deploy informatics tools to help streamline documentation and provide guidance for COVID-19 related visits and encounters.

Now, in conjunction with regional and national partners, both public and private, we are turning toward a comprehensive range of resources that will be there for you to draw upon. The first among these will be guidance, resource and technical assistance to support you in standing up virtual care.  

For anyone wondering about our planned annual conference in July, we are waiting to see how things unfold over the next few weeks before discussing alternatives. In the interim we are preserving your time and our time to devote to COVID-19 efforts.

When we chose “Better Together: Embracing Change” as our 2020 annual conference theme, we had no idea this pandemic would test our endurance and nimbleness to embrace change to fight this pandemic. At this extraordinary moment in history, I do know we are truly better together!