AllianceChicago and Health Choice Network collaborate to expand health information technology service offerings


Electronic Health Record (EHR) and shared data analytic solutions will improve the quality of patient care, healthcare research and public policy for health center partners.

(Chicago, IL and Miami, FL October 5, 2021) – AllianceChicago (AC) and Health Choice Network (HCN) unite to broaden the scope of their service offerings for health center partners in order to advance Health Information Technology and Practice Transformation. AC and HCN are two health center-controlled networks and long-standing collaborative partners, supporting 116 safety-net organizations with over 5 million unique patients combined across the country.

This initiative involves the addition of two new Electronic Health Record (EHR) offerings for community health centers across the two networks. AllianceChicago will now offer athenaOne in addition to athenaPractice and Health Choice Network, Epic in addition to Greenway Intergy, Dentrix Enterprise and Credible. Expanding their service offerings portfolio will allow AC and HCN to better align with the needs of different health care partners and be able to provide access to the highest quality healthcare solutions while leveraging the market power of community health centers working together as Networks and Health Systems.

AllianceChicago and Health Choice Network recognize the increasing importance of interoperable data from EHRs and sources beyond medical services. Along with the addition of new EHRs, AC and HCN have coinvested in a shared data analytics infrastructure built on Health Catalyst and continue to share vision and clinical leadership that will support collaboration across all the EHR platforms.  They will work together to provide access to additional applications and technologies that extend beyond EHR.

“We are excited to leverage the ability that Health Catalyst and our collaboration affords to allow clinicians and Clinical Leaders to promote common clinical standards, and utilize common data analytics to support quality improvement efforts, better understand health status of our vulnerable populations and advance research and public policy regardless of which EHR they use,” said Dr. Fred Rachman – CEO of `AllianceChicago.

“The partnership is deeply rooted in our founding members vision to serve all health centers based on their needs.  Expanding our technology solutions allows us to advance our mission across many different key business strategies such as value-based services, accountable care organizations, managed care services, national clinical research, and qualitative data analysis,” said Alejandro Romillo – President and CEO of Health Choice Network.

Both Networks are focused on the mission to support our health centers and linking our substantial infrastructure, expertise and scale will assist health center partners achieve better outcomes for patient care. This initiative positions community health centers to succeed as strong independent healthcare partners while benefiting from access to an expansive data analytic platform. AllianceChicago and Health Choice Network will continue to collaborate on technology independent services including accountable care, clinical leadership support and research.

About AllianceChicago

AllianceChicago (AC) is a health center-controlled network and practice-based research network, linking more than 50 organizations serving Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) patients across Illinois and 19 other states. It provides support for health information technology that enables practice improvement, advanced data analytics and curates a comprehensive health database comprising over 3.5 million highly diverse patients. The communities represented include urban and rural populations, low‐income and uninsured individuals, racial and ethnic minorities, the LGBTQ community, and refugee and homeless populations. AC serves as an incubator for innovative healthcare solutions.

About Health Choice Network

Health Choice Network, Inc. (HCN) is a successful nation-wide collaboration among health centers, health center-controlled networks and partners. By providing key business services in financial, managed care and billing support, strategic initiatives and the latest in health information technology, participants can improve patient outcomes through increased efficiencies and more accessible care in underserved communities. With 43 safety-net organizations in sixteen states serving approximately 2.6 million patients, HCN is recognized as a leader in the integration of health information technology among health centers and safety net providers.